All services at AWPC are offered free of charge so all who need our services can receive assistance.


Donations are welcome any time and in any amount.

Do you wonder if your donations to AWPC are making any real difference?
They are!

Look at what God has done through all of us in 2016:

Clients seen: 402 | Clients visits: 1299 | Ultrasounds: 253 | Pregnancy Tests: 179 | Gospel Presentations: 140 | Declarations of Faith: 4 | Re-declarations: 3

We also know of at least 67 lives saved in the past year as a direct result of women coming to AWPC and having a change of heart away from abortion and towards LIFE!

Who We're Serving

Clients Seen: 212 in 2014, 326 in 2015, 402 in 2016. Client Visits: 658 in 2014, 993 in 2015, 1299 in 2016.

A Recent History of Our Growth:

2012: We stepped out in faith to Reach & Rescue lives yet unseen.  We acknowledged that helping those already determined to carry their pregnancies to term in our new facility was good – but we knew we were called to do more to reach those specifically seeking out abortion services.

2013: We were determined to Answer the Call of the hopeless and abortion-determined in our community. We worked hard to raise funding for medical services, medical staff, an ultrasound machine, training staff to work with the mindset of women determined to abort, and online advertising (to ensure we were found by those searching for abortion services in our community).

Services Provided

Ultrasounds: 128 in 2014, 225 in 2015, 253 in 2016. Pregnancy Tests: 95 in 2014, 105 in 2015, 179 in 2016.

2014: We launched our medical services and began offering ultrasounds. 74 clients received 128 ultrasounds in our first 8 months! Our 2014 banquet theme, Book of Life, showed our supporters we were finally reaching women before life-changing decisions were made. David Bereit, National Director of 40 Days for Life, reminded us of the importance of prayer in defeating the enemy of life in his powerful banquet presentation.

Although we had one of the smallest increases in revenue between 2014 and the first three quarters of 2015, we saw one of our largest increases in clients served, services provided, and opportunities to share the Gospel - just check the charts on the left!

Gospel Presentations

Gospel Presentations: 57 in 2014, 113 in 2015, 140 in 2016.

2015: At our Firm Foundations banquet, we presented the need for us to grow our development and outreach departments in order to sustain, continue and increase services to those experiencing unintended pregnancies in our community and share the love of Christ. We have come a long way since taking the starting steps to Reach & Rescue, but we’re doing so with minimal staff and a very tight budget that simply isn’t sustainable. Banquet donors were very generous and helped us reach our banquet goal.  Because of that, we hired Elizabeth Jagenberg as our Assistant Director in February 2016!

IF YOU’RE ASKING if your investment in the ministry at AWPC is working, let us assure you:  Through Christ, the lives of women and children vulnerable to abortion ARE being reached. The women who come into our center are touched, loved, taught, and respected.  Some lives are changed, some are healed, and others are spared.  Some are born.  Some are saved. And it’s happening on our watch!  Praise the Lord!

AWPC can continue to grow in outreach and effectiveness.  More and more women are hearing about the outstanding services offered at AWPC through word of mouth!  We promise to do all we can to make A Woman’s Pregnancy Choice (AWPC, INC.) the FIRST choice in our community until abortion is no longer considered a desirable outcome. Will you join us?

Help us become the FIRST CHOICE for women in our community!

Thank you!

AWPC is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All donations are deductible 
on your federal taxes to the extent permitted by law. 

You can support AWPC further by donating the following items:

Material Goods & Office Supplies

With more clients than ever joining our "Earn While You Learn" program, donations are essential to keeping our Baby Boutique well-stocked. Office supplies are also appreciated as our day-to-day work goes on.

Our most needed items include:
Printer Paper (bright white, 20lb. & 24lb.)
C-Fold Paper Towels

and items on our Boutique Wish List.


Gently Used Electronics

Thinking of upgrading? If you are buying new electronics, please consider donating gently used items such as:

DVD players, for use in our counseling rooms
Two iPads to display photos and videos to our clients and for our new electronic intake forms.
Cordless phone for greater accessibility as our receptionists work

You may also purchase material goods directly from websites like Amazon or and have them shipped to our office (Another Way Pregnancy Center, 31700 W. 12 Mile Road, Suite 102, Farmington Hills, MI 48334). 

You can also select Another Way Pregnancy Center, Inc. as your charity as you shop through AmazonSmile.